Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Win!

I mentioned having to jump ahead in my From 0 to 13.1 training from week 4 (technically week 2 since I didn't run for 2 weeks) all the way to week 10. Well, I battled mentally with myself to go out running the entire way home.

I didn't get home that evening until 6:30 and it was dark. I saw the lady (with a male counterpart I've seen her running with lately) running down the street and actually was inspired. Was kind of hoping I might get home in time to meet them somewhere along the way; however I spent a little too much time in the apartment for that.

I got the idea (thanks to a visit to for shoe shopping RunOn when they were gathering for a neighborhood 5k) that since I hadn't been out to see Christmas lights, and I hated taking the "V" uphill-both-ways path, that I'd instead wander through the nice neighborhood across the street. So glad I did!

This photo does not do this place justice as it's missing a whole section to the left (darn you Instagram square photos!). It was pretty cold, but I had my new long sleeve cold gear to wear! I kind of love it because it has the thumb holes and a turtle neck that can be pulled up over my nose. Didn't quite need that part, but the hand covering was great!

I did pretty well and made it all 25 minutes! At about 21, I was watching the clock, though. Was pretty pooped! My hips, knees, and leg bones were hurting. Pushed through it! I actually did some more running on the way back because my path was kind of blindly winding through a maze of streets that put me quite far away and I needed to get back to finish up some freelance work. It felt good to have done it!

The fact that I did it and pretty "easily" worries and makes me wonder. Have you ever not done something for an extended period of time and then come back to it, excel, and then get increasingly horrible? I've done this with bowling (not that my 'good' is really that good, but it's 3x better than subsequent games) and computer pinball. There has to be some sort of syndrome or term or something for this as I've heard numerous people mention it (especially with bowling). Anyway, I've done this with running; that first run after a hiatus is amazing and then the days after are just HORRIBLE to where I wonder if I can even run at all. Hopefully this is not the case. And if it is, I'm pushing through it!!!!

That being said, I took Friday off, and sadly Saturday as well. I should have gone out Saturday to run, but I couldn't get out of bed to save my life (which is rare for me) and then when I did it was spent cleaning and packing for my trip. Saturday evening was my company holiday party that I needed to go to early to help set up. Good party. :)  Too much wine, though.

Now, it's Sunday and after an early flight I'm sitting in the Grand Hyatt in Denver watching Sunday Night Football and doing work in hopes of lessening the load for the next couple days. Today is supposed to be the long run, but it looks like I'll be missing that as well (I'm kind of a lazy bones and have no excuse...). The cool thing is that the Grand Hyatt's rooftop track is open! It was closed last visit. The uncool thing is it was 20 degrees when I got in this morning!!! It was oh so awesome and oh so not to see my breath when stepping off the plane. It's 32 right now, but still... ugh. At least their gym is open 24/7. I'm going to make a GINORMOUS effort to get my run in before going into the office early tomorrow. Good thing the office is 20 steps from the hotel. :)

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