Monday, October 22, 2012

Perfect; No Such Thing

There really isn't such a thing as perfect. What is considered perfect is in the eye of the beholder! I've learned this now...perfection has always been a curse as a designer (that and procrastination...). But, I've come to realize that imperfection is the real perfection. Flaws are what give us character! It gives everything character; makes everything unique.

This blog is about my road to changing my life.

By wealth I do not mean money or objects; I mean an abundance of happiness and love. Today and in the forthcoming days start the following journeys:

12 week Eating for Energy (starts Oct 22nd)
30 day Fitter U Fitness (starts Nov 19th) - updated 11/8
30 day National Novel Writing Month (starts Nov 1st)  - updated 11/1
30 day National Health Blog Post Month (starts Nov 1st)  - updated 11/1
21 day Guided Meditation Challenge (starts Nov 5th)
24 week From 0 to 13.1 (starts Nov 19th)  - updated 11/8

Now, I didn't fall 'prey' to gimmicks... I've been eating a High Raw diet for the past several months, gone Beegan (I eat local, organic raw honey, otherwise all Vegan), and been slowly switching all household products and consumables to organic and homemade or locally purchased ( for those that can't be). I've been re-training with the Couch 2 5K and the's 3 Week to a 30-Min Running Habit, having already done a 5K in the past. I attempt to accomplish at least 10 min of meditation in the morning, though that doesn't always happen and neither does yoga, which I didn't add to the above list, but will eventually challenge myself to add.

My mornings start out with warm water and lemon first thing, meditation, stretching (kundalini yoga soon!), shower if needed (might swap these to evenings so I have more time in the morning), drinking lots of tea, a smoothie or green juice, and work.

My afternoons consist of walking or errands on my lunch break, working out/volleyball/running (depends no the day), grocery shopping if required, preparing for the next day, freelance if needed, and journaling the day before bed.

I would like to add in some sketching (especially since some of the freelance requires it now!), more photography, more creative writing (eventually I would like to switch careers!), volunteering (no-kill animal shelter orientation 11/3!), and whatever else progresses me down the path to self discovery and figuring out what I'm most passionate about and meant to do in this world.

Having been there in the past, I know that my health is my number one right now. I want to focus on my physical and mental well being because I know that it leads me to ultimate happiness.

There will be some honest truths on this blog about each of these programs. I'm not going to sugarcoat anything to make my blog or myself sound better. I am human and full of ups and downs, failures and successes. The point of life is to live and learn!

Let's get to it!

On a side note...I am SUPER excited to do this. On the flip side, I am scared to fail because small changes tend to stick better than EVERYTHING AT ONCE. But, that is okay. I think having already incorporated these things into my life will make them easier.

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