Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Talk about IMperfect!

I fail pretty miserably on weekends. Seriously. I usually spend the weekend with my boyfriend and find it really hard to eat healthy, especially if we're running around. I do better when we go out to eat than I do hanging out at home. When I spend the weekend at his place, it's a ridiculous task to try to prepare meals because he doesn't ever have anything. I usually pack clothes and food for Saturday through Monday (work), which sucks. The past couple months I've just thrown heaps of groceries into a bag and take it over and then prepare it there, but that usually means I have leftovers that I have to take to work with me and then haul back home.

It's kind of a hassle...and I hate it. Though, even when we stay at my place, I will tend to want food he brings into the house. IT SMELLS SO GOOD.

I miss cheese and sour cream. Those are the 2 things I miss the most and the 2 things that will get me just about every time. I tried making my own raw sour cream but it was nothing compared to the vegan kind I've had (at a restaurant; not sure their recipe). I need to find another one recipe that tastes better. Another pitfall is bread.

Now I realize that I can buy gluten free bread (which I did yesterday) and gluten/vegan cheese (which I did also) for the weekends when I want to "cheat", but neither are raw and contain more crap than I'd like to digest. I wish I had more willpower! I NEED more willpower!

Pretty horrible for a self proclaimed Vegan, huh? It's sad...  I've not had meat in forever, but dairy? Dairy seems to call to me (not eggs...I associate eggs with baby chickens and won't touch them), which I really dislike. I want love animals, not use them! *sigh*

I have enlisted my boyfriend to help with this stuff on the weekends. He feels horrible when he brings in crap food. He's consciously trying to make an effort to eat healthier, but he won't ever give up meat, dairy, or bread. Kind of stinks :(  I wish I could make him see the damage it does! Even though I apparently can't see the damage it does and continue to eat it!!!

So, after this weekend of digesting cheese and gluten, I found myself waking up to inflammation up the wazoo and lots of sinus buildup. MAN did it suck! And still does! My back hurt and my foot hurt. The back is an accident injury from last year that hasn't hurt the past couple months because I've done a good job of keeping active, stretching, and eating relatively clean. The foot was getting better after breaking something while hiking the weekend before last and now feels like I've done re-injured it. UGH.

It's crazy how that stuff affects my body. I should really learn from it.

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