Friday, October 26, 2012

On to Day 5

At the end of work, I had been asked multiple times if I would be joining the office for a paid happy hour at a nearby bar (the twin to one I frequented often when first moving here). I actually had talked myself out of going home and doing the cardio training and instead having a glass of wine with everyone.

That had been the plan for about 30 min.

When it finally came time to pack up and head home, I really didn't feel like drinking. Of course I didn't feel like doing cardio either since the temperature had dropped drastically (16 degrees in an hour!) and I HATE running or walking on a treadmill.

There was some back and forth about hanging out at the bar so that I could form a bond with some of my coworkers. I'm slightly sad I didn't do this, but I'm glad that I didn't want to drink. I would have blogged about it, but...I don't know. It just felt WRONG...and I really wasn't in the mood.

I didn't, however do the 30 min cardio. I wish I could use my foot (broken toe) as an excuse, which it MIGHT have been if I had even tried to put the shoes on. I did some prepping for tomorrow, watched a little Vampire Diaries (shoosh) and went to bed around 9.

Got up at 5 this morning pretty easily. I actually woke up a couple times. It's cold! We had the cold front move in that blanketed CO and WY with snow a couple days ago. I did my workout this morning (minus a couple exercises and adding a couple of my own), meditated, drank my lemon water, had oats, berries, and walnuts for breakfast, and showered. It felt pretty great!

Hoping to get a walk in on my lunch break today despite how cold it is and hopefully despite my foot still being black and blue.

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