Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Be mindful...

Day 7 NaHeBloPoMo:

Be mindful. Write about what helps you stay centered in the present...

Meditation has been a really helpful tool that I attempt to do each morning. It let's me start my day calmly, which tends to carry throughout.

It took me awhile and sometimes I still find myself struggling with it, but I try to remember that I can't change the past and worrying or stressing over the future is ridiculous considering it's impossible to predict. So I live in the NOW and do what I can NOW in order to make that future bright and beautiful. It's all about the now and present. If I forever focus on what could have been and dream about what might be, my life will pass me by and I'll lose all of the wonderful moments and people that surround me. Just that thought saddens me and reminds me to stay focused here on the present.


All Others:

So, as I keep stating, all other things have been going as planned with the exception of fitness and being behind in my word count. I'm hoping tonight I can catch up some, but my to-do list is long. I don't plan on attending volleyball because I wouldn't be able to play anyway.

I was out late last night at trivia with a group of friends. Subsequently there was some national news going on. I didn't get home and in bed until midnight, which made 5am come a wee bit too soon. I actually woke up at 4:45, but promptly reset my alarm for 6. Didn't get meditation in, but I hope to before bed.

Trivia was at a bar and I'm happy to say that I only had water the entire time. I didn't feel like wine and to be honest the thought of it brought the memory of a horrible headache, which made it easy to say no. I had Whole Foods for dinner, which, again, I ate clean and fresh foods; albeit a lot of them and it cost me a fortune! I need to remember I can add olive oil after the fact and not pay for it's weight.

Found some vegan, gluten free cookies and chocolate. The chocolate intrigues me because it's only 3 ingredients that aren't processed and the cookies are free of EVERYthing. Clearly they're baked, but they might help with the occasional sweettooth.

Got the 0 to 13.1 program content yesterday! I literally checked my email every 30 min checking for it. Haha...

I thought I would be able to start today, but foot aside, she actually has us doing a Week 0 first and some mental writing exercises (from her free running ebook) before that. I had finished a lot of the exercises prior to this, which is helpful! Now I just need to finish them up, get some new shoes, a new foot, and I'm ready to rock!

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