Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks for the Changes

Day 22 #NHBPM:

Write about change...

Seven years ago I was getting ready to graduate college with a degree in graphic design. I was dating a guy that I figured would be my husband somewhere down the line. We didn't have the best relationship, but I bottled things up and ignored things. I was extremely overweight and wasn't very active at all. I didn't love myself or other people (except my relatives of course). I wasn't angry, but I wasn't happy either.

Since then I have had weight loss surgery, ended my relationship, started another, moved to Michigan to go back to school, ended that new relationship, learned some wonderful life lessons, lost nearly 200 pounds, gained respect for myself and for other people, and learned to love myself, everyone else, and the world.

There were some hard lessons to learn that might be considered mistakes in my life, but they were mistakes in which I gained so much knowledge about myself and life in general that I wouldn't trade them for anything. I'd gladly do them again because they got me to where I am now. I am more caring, understanding, vocal, and strong. I've grown into a person that I respect and although I still have things I want to work on to better myself, it's pretty incredible to know that I can change and am willing to change.


Week 1, Day 4  0 to 13.1:

Yesterday I literally procrastinated until the evening. I didn't get my core or cross training in, but figured I wasn't being picked up until about 7am today and could just swap rest days. Unfortunately the boyfriend showed up at 3:30am because he couldn't sleep (I think he was excited to see his family) and that triggered me not being able to go back to sleep. I got up and did the core training, but failed to get in the 20 min of cross training. I figured I might talk my boyfriend into a walk after Thanksgiving dinner but that didn't happen -- haha.


Eating for Energy:

I have no idea what day I'm on for's all gravy, though. I made a raw vegan dish for myself since I was going to be spending the holidays with the boyfriend's family who are big meat eaters. I made stuffing from ground nuts, celery, herbs, raisins, and pomegranate seeds. SO GOOD! Topping was a cranberry sauce and then gravy made of nuts and mushrooms. Pretty fantastic! Since I made it in advance, though, the gravy wasn't warm from the blender, so that stunk. I also made hummus, which was a HUGE hit. It went before the big feast even started. I figured no one would like it but me (I made it too soupy and thus added in some more tahini, which then became too tahini-y in my opinion), but they seriously loved it. I ran out of veggies and hummus pretty fast. YAY! Also brought some fresh green beans that I lightly steamed in the microwave.

Great Thanksgiving if you ask me!

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