Thursday, November 15, 2012

Decluttering My Attention

Day 15 #NHBPM:

Why I decided to leave an online community...

This definitely ties into my post yesterday and doesn't at the same time.

Look at this little guy. Is he not adorable?? How could you not want a flaming pixel kitten??
I used to game. A LOT. When I say game, I mean video games. I loved Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Games (MMORPG) such as World of Warcraft... I was, and still am to an extent, a big geek. I used to play with my boyfriend at the time and we'd log more hours than necessary a day. We had a guild (group of players) that we ran around with and formed a pretty good bond with them. The leader was an old coworker and good friend to my boyfriend, so it was easy fitting in. At this point I don't even know what happened, but somehow things got ugly with some other members and it spilled onto the the guild forums and then the official forums. I have never felt so helpless. I was painted to be the bad guy despite not doing anything wrong. Unfortunately I didn't take that high road and fell INTO the bad guy spot easily by fighting back.

Worst decision. It ate away at me offline, made me completely miserable, and worse yet, it put a huge wedge between my boyfriend and his friendship with his old coworker (who refused to take sides; the wise decision). I let that whole thing ruin me for a good couple weeks. And then I said enough is enough and left the community and whole setting. Looking back I wish I had done that sooner or at least handled it better.

Nowadays I join newsletter and blogging communities. A couple months ago I was getting about 75 newsletters a day. It was stressing me out trying to keep up with them in my inbox, but I HAD to read about these recipes, this life changing advice, what was healthy, a new exercise routine, who ate what and did what yesterday, etc, etc... it was ridiculous. I thought that by reading all of this I would suddenly "find" myself or something would just click. Totally wrong. One day I decided to unsubscribe from every newsletter and blog and only kept a few inspirational ones.

BEST decision! I don't need all of that. I don't need recipes I won't ever use and I certainly don't need to know what someone ate the other day. I've gotten to the point where I know that I need simple, quick, and raw meals to satisfy my schedule and my belly. I'd rather use up what I already have instead of spend money on random items for only one dish. I need to focus on exercise, but not be weighed down by new routines every other day or this new move that is THE best way to get rid of love handles. Focus! One thing at a time! Not 20...or in my case 75.

Declutter. Name of my game of life right there. So much happier!


Protein Powders:

I have 3 different brands of vegan protein powder at home right now. Vega (Berry), Garden of Life (Chocolate), and one other kind that I will have to go home and look up, but it's vanilla.

I've been trying to drink a scoop every morning and have switched it up. I have noticed that the Vega brand is the only one that leaves me full throughout the morning. The others, I'm pretty much hungry as soon as I get to work. It's the only one that's not raw, though. I'll have to fully investigate it's ingredients.


My Evening & Shampoo! 

All plans for last night seemed to completely fall through. The movie wound up not happening due to a friend being sick. I decided I'd rather write than make a dish for the Fall Feast here at work today (we had an option to pay $3 or make food) because I lazily didn't want to go shopping for it, then stand around chopping up veggies and herbs all night. I cleaned a little, procrastinated a little, had fun chatting with my cousin, wrote a little, talked with my new little community of fellow 0 to 13.1 runners and then went to bed.

Twas a great evening!

On another note, I have kind of fallen in love with soap nuts. I used castor oil on my scalp the other day (it's supposed to help strengthen, grow faster, prevent falling out, etc) and despite a bazillion washes with baking soda, lemon, and apple cider vinegar could NOT get the oil out of my hair. This morning I was about to call it quits and just use shampoo (I'm on the "no-poo" wagon). I then remembered that I could use castile soap OR soap nuts! I use soap nut powder for my laundry and have been really satisfied with it so far! Sadly the piece of paper that gave recipes for how to use it fell into the washer last weekend and wound up being washed, so I had to roam around the internet to find a recipe.

IT TOTALLY WORKED! Because I have the powder stuff, I didn't have to do the boiling of the nuts to get the liquid (thank goodness; that seems like a chore!). I just added a little bit of water to a heaping teaspoon of the powder and made a paste. Now, this does not all. It barely covered all of my hair and was basically I threw chunky, pebbly, sand in it. I massaged as well as possible and let it sit while I washed everything else (they say to leave the liquid version in for up to 20 min) and then rinsed it out. I could tell immediately that the oil was gone. YES! I let it dry naturally without combing and am super excited to also see that there's no static! Baking soda and lemon water rinse wash my hair great, but leave it FULL of static (especially as colder weather settles in).

Again, the small things. :) 

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