Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Going PRO! And how to overcomplicate traveling...

Going PRO!

Today my inbox was blessed with a beauty from Marie Forleo (if you don't know this lovely lady and own a business or are thinking of doing so, you should definitely GET to know her). Her MarieTV episode is called Turn Pro: How to Reach Your Full Potential with Steven Pressfield, which I highly recommend watching, even if you're not an entrepreneur or have any desire to leave your current job/situation or just don't want to better your life overall.

I had vaguely heard of Pressfield and actually have his book The War of Art on my Amazon wish/reading list, but beyond that I didn't know a thing about him.

This interview made me really stop and think. I LOVE the idea of going pro in certain aspects of my life. Because, right now, I'm in limbo (from my friend, Stephenie Zamora, which I found ridiculously appropriate and timely after watching Marie's episode).

I'm not "pro" at anything. I've not taken that leap, though I keep thinking I will at some point. I'm apparently waiting for the "stars to align" or some such thing... That could never happen or I could never notice. I need to just DO it.

So, what does this mean? 
  • It means that I'm going to continue blogging daily, because I LOVE it, though I don't know exactly what I'll be blogging about aside from my trials and tribulations.
  • It means that I'm going to drop the Fitter U Challenge because I want to be a PRO at running and attempting to do both will only result in a crap job on two accounts.
  • It means that I'm going to take creative writing SERIOUSLY and do it daily. Because I want to be a PRO at it. I want to finish a book. I want to publish said book. I want someone, somewhere out there to read it and enjoy it.
  • It means that I'm not going to worry about all those other little things I keep trying to add into my life. Write and Run...that's it.
  • This DOESN'T mean I'm dropping meditation or eating healthy, because those are huge perks to my personal life. 
My professional life is suffering from the other "must do this" crap I keep throwing in there because I think it'll make me a better person. They will not be on the back burner anymore! Those other things can go to the back burner!


I feel like there should be a more epic ending to that speech to myself, but it'll do.


Day 13 NaHeBloPoMo:

Write about what it's like to travel with your condition...

I don't have a condition, but I like to be prepared when I travel. Because I'm a bariatric patient and High Raw Vegan, there's some things---all having to do with consumption---I have to take into consideration. Even when just going to the boyfriends apartment, you'd think I was going away for the weekend the way I prep.

  1. Vitamins -- I take them morning and evening (double dosage! it's a bariatric thing) and have to make sure to pack them. I'd be lying if I said my vitamin stash didn't look like the picture when I travel...
  2. Snacks -- This isn't a necessity, but I do try to pack snacks such as raw nuts, fruit, and raw protein bars. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find raw nuts (usually find them roasted with salt) and vegan items in an airport, let alone a hotel!
  3. Protein Powder -- I pack individual servings plus my shaker bottle.
  4. Tea -- Another thing I can live without, but I do like to bring with so I don't have to go searching or pay for it.
  5. Water Bottle -- I literally don't go anywhere without this sucker...

Again, I don't have a condition; just a need for my vitamins plus being prepared for when hunger strikes and there's not a good option nearby!


Week 0, Day 2 Fitness & 0 to 13.1:

Supposed to walk for 20 min...I kind of find that a waste of time... so I walked for 50. Had to hit up the bank and then just kept walking until I finally ran into the path I usually take with a coworker. I thought it was going to be cold today, and it's definitely chilly, but it felt fantastic! I wore boots today after testing them with my foot. There's hardly ANY pain! A little, especially when walking down an incline and the foot slides to the front, but I was super excited that normal walking was good! The tennis shoes were great too! I felt it towards the end, but nothing I couldn't handle. YAY!

One thing I tried to focus on while walking was breathing through my stomach (something suggested for running) rather than my chest. It's hard to do. I do it for singing, but I'm not moving at the time and find it easier to accomplish. It seems really weird while moving.Will have to work on it!

I did Kundalini yoga this morning. :)  Thanks GaiamTV for the 30 day free trial! I think I might subscribe when it's over!

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