Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The A.I.P.T.

Day 21 #NHBPM:

Create a new technology related to health...

The Artificially Intelligent Personal Trainer (A.I.P.T.) is a breakthrough program that will work in conjunction with the Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant (A.I.P.A) and help users make the best health conscious choice catering to their individual body makeup and biometrics.

The user can either speak to their A.I.P.T (to which they can name him/her) or let the hand held device scan objects via it's optical laser reader. The P.T. will then give (text or speech) a concluding statement of results on specific foods, drinks, or physical fitness related to how it will help or harm the users body, plus give suggestions on healthier options (such as nearby restaurants and grocery stores, quick recipes, etc)

For example, if the user was given the option of a Big Mac vs a salad, the P.T. would scientifically study all components, and list the nutritional values, then give a synopsis of how each would affect the users body if fully ingested. Similarly, given the option of walking the stairs or riding the elevator, the device would spit out the physical benefits of such.

Each week and/or day (depending on the settings or program recommendations) the A.I.P.T will provide a schedule and list of workouts as well as a suggested menu based on the individuals body to keep the guess work and planning to a minimum. It will work alongside the A.I.P.A., allowing work and social schedules to take precedence, while still insisting on physical activity and healthy habits. The A.I.P.T. is programmed to offer suggestions on what to eat when a craving strikes based on what the body is actually missing in it's diet.

The A.I.P.T will continually scan and read the users body and adjust a workout regime and menu based on what is needed to reach optimal health.


I've clearly been watching too much Eureka.


Week 1, Day 3  0 to 13.1:

I decided to do my run on my lunch break yesterday because I wanted to make sure I got my grocery shopping (probably shouldn't have waited until 2 days before Thanksgiving) done and was home at a decent hour. Here's to being at work sweaty and gross! I will probably try to do that later in the day from now on...

The first run was 60 sec run, 90 sec walk intervals for 15 minutes. I had already programmed all of the running days into my HIIT timer app. Unfortunately I misread and clicked on the Sundays run which is the same, but for 1 mile. I had guessed on how long it would take to go a mile doing those intervals at about 10 sets and boy was I just OFF. I wound up going 3.04 miles total (that included 10 min walking warm up, 10 min walking cool down, and the 10 intervals of 60/90). I calculated it to be about 2 miles of the interval training and a mile of the walking w/u and c/d. With the other workout before and after I was definitely gone longer than an hour! Oh least I know I can do it.

I will say that I was whining to myself half way through. There was a lot of "man, this is harder than I thought" and "I used to be able to go so much further" to "I'm really out of's so easy to get out of shape!". Kind of sucked...but I kept going. My pace was much slower towards the end. I should probably slow it down a bit at the beginning.

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