Friday, November 2, 2012

The Freaking Weekend!

Is ALMOST here!!

Lately I've really been working for the weekends. UGH. Work has been slow (oddly not today, but I'm still taking time to do this). Honestly it's been this way since I started working here in February. I've had a couple crazy days, but for the most part I don't do much. You'd think I'd love this because I can do my own writing, but I don't. I feel guilty doing anything but work, so rather than actually do anything productive for myself (I've done some freelance before, but that's about it) I just twiddle my thumbs and waste time. Wasting time helps nobody and because my to-do list continues to pile on, I just get stressed out.

I was doing one of the exercises in the Eating For Energy and realized I stress over a lot of things. It kind of sucks. Yet, I continue this way.

I don't even know how to change it, really. I guess I need to drop some things in my life. But what? If I could drop work I'd do it in a heartbeat! HAH!


Along with the weekend comes more challenges. Weekends tend to be the worst times for me. I have horrible self control and temptations are all around me. I've seen this really bad this week at work. Not even with Halloween (I haven't seen any candy here, thankfully), just with other food. I've decided and been trying to convince myself that I just don't like things in order to not eat them. Right now I do not like chocolate, gluten, dairy, or soy. The first three are obvious, but they really, really tempt me. The soy, though...I've realized lately that soy and I just don't get along. I actually kind of knew that years ago. My brother would get really sick off anything that contained soy and I realized that when I ate it, I had some of the same symptoms. I've never been a huge tofu eater and I'm just not noticing that a lot of vegan foods have soy, which sucks.

Guess it's all the more reason to eat whole foods and not buy stuff!

I have a Halloween party this weekend. I WILL be partaking in some wine, though I'm going to be buying organic wine with less...whatever it is I'm supposed to be looking for. I'll have to go look that up.


Day 2 NaHeBloPoMo:

Find a quote and use it as inspiration...

I found this quote awhile ago (I'm pretty sure it was in a Daily Love email) and made this graphic so I could pin it in my cubicle. It sits behind my monitors so that I see it ALL the time. LOVE IT.

It's definitely something I strive for.


Day 2 NaNoWriMo:

I wanted to give up last night. I sat with only 700 words on file out of the 1667 (if doing daily). It was extremely disheartening, especially being day one. However, I plugged through it. And then this morning happened where I had doubts about the current story. I wasn't really feeling it and I was feeling another that I had rattling in my brain. I could make up the lost words easily. BUT! After thinking what exactly I'd write about for this new plot, I realized I still wanted to do the old one, but I needed to update it and figure out what was actually going to happen.

I think this is literally all I thought about from 5am until I showed up at work around 8.

So, I'm sticking with the first story with updates, despite knowing I could more easily write the other. The other can wait! I want to tell this tale!


Week 2, Day 12 Eating for Energy:

Seems so weird to say it's day 12! I don't feel like a complete failure, but there has definitely been some cheating. Needless to say, though, the program doesn't hold the standards as high as I made my own. I'm not supposed to be 100% perfect, nor 100% raw. I didn't know this until I read that there weren't weekend menus. I think this works better for me as long as I can come to terms with the fact that 100% all the time isn't required and not hitting that mark doesn't mean I have failed. That's the part I struggle with the most.

Today, I've had a lot more energy. It's kind of awesome!


Week 2, Day 12 FitterUFitness:

I hate to say it, but honestly I've not been following it AT ALL. I've done some yoga poses, stretching, walking, and stairs, but I found it hard to do any of the cardio and some of the exercises with my bum foot. I really think I need to see a podiatrist, but I kind of fear them telling me I'll need a surgery or something (I already did on my pinky toe before, which is where the problem is again). I was held up for so long! UGH... I think I'll see how it goes the next week and then proceed from there.

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