Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If I Could Go Anywhere...

Day 27 #NHBPM:

If I could go anywhere…

Of course I'd pick Australia... Who isn't in love with their accents?!
I'd go just about anywhere. I LOVE traveling. I love seeing and experiencing new places. I would definitely say that while there are plenty of states and areas here in the U.S. of A. that I've yet to visit, I'd fancy somewhere out of country. The culture doesn't change TOO much across America, so definitely jet setting elsewhere. The world is pretty darn GI-normous and calls to me to see every beautiful landscape and experience every way of life!


Week 2, Day 2  0 to 13.1:

It feels like I'm super cheating right now because I've missed skipped two days! TWO WHOLE DAYS! What the heck?! It hadn't even been a week and already I'm skipping!

Well, I am not beating myself up over this, what's done is done, but I AM making sure that I actually put on my gear and go get my run on tonight. And do some extra cross training for yesterday.

Get 'er done! I'm leaving early so I have some sunlight. TAKE THAT, WORK! HAH!


Eating For Energy:

I should just start calling this eating. Period. I'm still eatin' the regular ol' veggies. I AM IN LOVE WITH SALAD! All kinds...kale, mixed greens, whatever... not so excited for plain spinach, but add spinach to any other leafy green and I love it. I eat salad at least once a day. AT LEAST. Sometimes for lunch and dinner. I've craved it for breakfast, too...which is a sign I'm lacking in some greens. I was really craving veggies last Saturday morning and while everyone was making omelets, I sauteed some veggies and was completely satisfied. Man, I love me some VEGGIES!

That statement makes me happy :)

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