Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Not Me, It's You

Day 28 #NHBPM:

Write about how you deal with mean comments / trolls / snakeoil / or bullies...

I use to get really defensive whenever there were trolls and I'd certainly start firing back. When ever there were comments about my weight or appearance I'd get upset, though attempt not to show it. It was all an internal thing.

Since, though; I've realized that it's not about me. It's about that other person. The reason they're saying those things is because they've got turmoil and issues on their side. So rather than let it get to me I actually wind up pitying that other person. What is so wrong in their life that they feel the need to lash out and be hateful and hurtful? It feels good to know that it won't affect me anymore (at least not for long). I'm glad I've found that place of love!


Week 2, Day 3  0 to 13.1:

I looked at my schedule and realized that I can easily swap out my rest day tomorrow with one I've missed and just keep it at 2 missed! That still sucks, but it's better than tacking on some more!

Last night I looked at my daily schedule and realized that I can streamline it and be more efficient and productive (scheduling is a passion of mine...sticking to it; not so much).

This morning I was going to hit the gym and do a double set of running and cross training. I feel better and do better working out in the mornings (I've known this...I've just been lazy).

But, I got caught up in some last minute freelance and didn't make it out of the house in time, so I went for the alternate schedule and ran outside (running should be outdoors anyway!). First off, BRRR! It was 36 degrees out! TEXAS! ..actually I won't complain. We need a freeze.

I bundled up with the best I had, did my warm up and took off. YEAH! I really need some cold weather gear (why is it so darn expensive!?).

The path I took is .5 miles to the end of the street which is about 10 min of warm up and then it's a mile to the next big street. It goes in a V shape. The first portion is a gentle slope down, the 2nd is a much more steep hill (and vice versa on the way back). I had thought that I would do the 60 on / 90 off routine as pure running intervals, but that hill the last 1/3 of the first mile kicked my butt!

Nike+ is amazing!

Ultimately I went 3.36 miles including the warm up and cool down. I walked 3 times (not including the beginning and end) for maybe 90 sec (I could measure on the link above, but meh, I'm lazy). My speed was 13.4 mph.

Kind of awesome! The hills were what did it in for me.

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