Saturday, November 3, 2012

Updates & Conversations

This morning we had our Operation Kindness Shelter Orientation. It's a no kill shelter not far from my place. I nearly missed getting up! I had set my alarm for 6, but either I slept through it (has never happened), miss set it (I know I checked...), or somehow turned it off? I do remember waking up and thinking that my friend from France was still here and that we were late!

I woke up only because my boyfriend called to ask a question. Lucky me!

It was good, though I was a little annoyed by a child there who's mother was content with letting her run all over.

I was also not too fond of using choke chains on the dogs when walking them. We used them on our dogs on the ranch when training them to walk along side us, but that was for training and being on a ranch, we never had to use it beyond. But, they are cheap and easy to get on the dogs... I was quickly scheming up fundraising events to get them better options...or pondering how much it would cost if I went out and bought them on my own.

Anyway, the facilities are way awesome. It's sad to see them in little kennels, but there's only so much that can be done. The kittens were awesome :)  I foresee many pit stops after work to play with them.

My own cat was very interested in figuring out what smells I had going on my shoes and clothes when I got home -- haha.


Day 3 NaHeBloPoMo:

A post about a conversation with your doctor...

There is kind of a huge lead up to this conversation, however if you wish to read about it, you can do so here. There are some prior posts and posts after that talk about it as well.

Long story short, I started going to a woman's specialist doctor in order to diagnose why I had been on my period for over a month, had no energy, and was seemingly PMSing (as my boyfriend can attest). We did extensive blood work to figure out that my DHA levels were extremely low to which she put me on a hormone cream to correct.

But, since this was a new doctor I wanted to have a talk with her about natural health care. I had honestly hoped to find a naturopathic doctor, but sadly my health insurance didn't cover it (and there's only a couple in the Dallas area).

I'm all about natural cures and not pumping ones body full of, what I consider, toxins. I'm also vegan and practice a high raw diet. It's quite a controversial topic, but I, like other raw food eaters, don't think that the human body needs as much protein as we're lead to believe And I highly am all for eating what the Earth provides. It's what our bodies were made to eat; not animal flesh or processed foods. That is, of course, another blog post all together.

Anyway, this new doctor prescribed more protein. She said I could easily substitute with vegan protein powders as many of her vegan patients do. I was kind of disappointed to hear that she thought I needed more protein, despite my levels being perfect and having been High Raw (if not 100%) for months. It really makes me wonder about our country. We are so food and business driven here and the Beef industry as well as others have their hands in EVERYthing. It's a wonder we're all large and sick.


Day 3 NaNoWriMo:

Haven't written today yet...errrm. I have a Halloween party tonight. I might have to crank out extra words tomorrow!


Week 2, Day 13 Eating For Energy:

I made this massaged kale salad last night with an avocado, lime, lemon, cashew, and seasoning dressing. Added in some grape tomatoes, onion, hemp, and sunflower seeds. SO FANTASTIC. It made a ton, so I had 3 meals out of it. Literally all I've eaten today, I just realized. Oh well.

I bought some organic wine (red and white) that has only natural occurring sulfites (I remembered what I was looking for in a wine as soon as I read it on the label!). Oddly the brand Frey was the only one at this small Whole Foods that had it. Everything else just said organic grapes and then listed sulfites on the back. Hopefully this brand is good? It was on sale and only $10 a bottle...haha.


Week 2, Day 13 Fitter U Fitness:

Haven't done anything today. Sadness. Perhaps I can get the boyfriend to go for a bike ride or a walk (foot pending) tomorrow.

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