Saturday, November 10, 2012

Walk to Defeat ALS!

That's what I did today. IT WAS AWESOME!

That's my little team :)  I was really glad to have my newly engaged friends in the center come out and run it! I managed to run part of it with my boyfriend as well. Forgot to bring my cloth tape to tape the toe, so I used Scotch...haha. It worked enough, anyway...definitely wasn't so taped after the fact, fact it had completely crumpled and fallen apart. Good to know that actually using the real tape should be decent for running! YES!


Day 10 NaHeBloPoMo:

Should people post about their (or loved ones) health on Facebook?

I love social networks for keeping in touch with friends and family. I don't necessarily use it for networking and I believe that you should keep your business and personal accounts separate. Talking about your or loved ones health on Facebook is expected on a personal page. It's an easy way to keep people in the know, get support, prayers, etc. I see no reason why sharing would be a negative thing, especially when it's so easy for people to hide updates or ignore things if it does become a problem


Day 10 NaNoWriMo:

I knew I wasn't going to get anything done today, which is alright. Sunday!


Day 6 Meditation Challenge:

Wasn't able to meditate this morning either, so double Sunday!


Eating for Energy & FitterUFitness:

I'm too lazy to see what week and day it is...I forget every day - haha.

I've done such a great job today! Ate clean and raw except for dinner. I found a pizza place that has a vegan gluten free pizza! SO GOOD! I was really impressed with it! There's not another one of those zPizza places around the area, so I didn't even know they existed! But the ingredients are organic, also. They use a lot of veggies, some vegan protein, Daiya cheese, and I can substitute for gluten free crust. I was really impressed. Next time I think I'd remove the zucchini as I wasn't a fan of that veggie (which I'm realizing more and more).

I did run about 2 miles of the 5k and speed walked the rest, so that was awesome! Totally napped a couple hours that afternoon, too.

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