Monday, November 5, 2012

Health Activist Soapbox & Another Challenge!

PLEASE NOTE: I'm not pretending to be a scientist, doctor, or nutritionist; these are MY thoughts, beliefs, and views. I am always open minded for information.


Day 5 NaHeBloPoMo:
Why I eat a plant based diet...

It's natural.

If only that word actually held weight with everyone. It doesn't, however, and unfortunately the word has been slightly skewed, especially here in the United States.

The human body is made to process the food that Earth provides. Humans have not evolved to any point in which our system has changed in that regard. It takes a LONG time for that kind of evolution. Clearly industrialization has evolved, but processed, man-made foods are harmful.Our body does not know how to properly digest. Ever thought about what a gummy bear is made of? I have no idea...same with a Twizzlers. Yet, I ate them and I expected my body to know what to do with it. Eating these types of foods can result in them literally being stuck in your intestines for DAYS. Fish will rot in your body for up to five days. That's gross! Think about all the other food that is just sitting in there, waiting to be passed...

On a plant based diet (especially a raw vegan one), I don't have these problems. My body functions and processes food as it was meant to.

Yes, I realize I have had an issue since going this direction, but I do not believe that it is the fault of the diet so much as a fault of what I did to myself in the past. I ate all the wrong foods and became extremely obese. I then went for surgery to help me with this, which has completely rearranged my insides. My body doesn't quite digest like the normal anatomy, which makes me extremely sad that I didn't find this lifestyle prior to, but c'est la vie.


Day 1 Meditation Challenge

So excited for this and dreading it at the same time. Last challenge I remember them being like 45 minutes long. Since it was literally my first time attempting to meditate this was near to impossible and I freaked out and had to quit 5 minutes in. I was worried that these would be too long as well and that I'd want to quit or not have time to do 45 min every day (I really need to learn to MAKE time for these important things!).

Happily, I found that they weren't long ENOUGH. There is about 5 minutes of explanation at the beginning and less than 10 (or so it seems) of actual meditation and mantra. I actually wanted more at the end!


All Other Challenges:

Things are still chugging along! Nothing to report, really. I was able to order a gluten free and vegan pizza for lunch. Clearly not raw, but FANTASTIC! 

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