Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Take the High Road

Day 14 #NHBPM:

Advice for dealing with negative feedback in your community... 

I have been part of one online community or another since I was probably 14 (or younger!). I've definitely gone through the get angry, fight back, make a fool of myself, throw a fit stages and have come to realize that not everyone is going to agree with me. I need to respect other people's positions. I also need to realize that there are people out there who feed on opposition. They literally will argue or berate for the fun of it.

Don't stoop to their level. If you find negative feedback, respond politely (if it's a blatant attack on you or someone else and has nothing to do with the topic just remove it and send them a message letting them know why it was removed). You don't need to apologize for your stance, but let them know that you understand their side and appreciate the comments. If someone is disagreeing with you about knowledge (because I certainly don't pretend to know everything and am often wrong), then go do your homework and get back to them, but never in a matter-of-fact retort if you are correct. And if you aren't, then you just learned something new and should thank them!


Morning Stuff:
Kundalini you are so different! But, good. I like the emphasis on breathing and moving. It kind of reminds me of Pilates...sort of. Not so much work, though I will say my arms are TIRED after this mornings wing flapping.

Hmm, I just looked down to find that my black pants are covered in bright green fuzzies from my sweater. Fabulous. I'll be lint rolling that off all day!

I got to put a shiny, little gold star in my planner for yesterday! Huzzah!

Hey, it's the smaller things. Little rewards! They make me happy.


Meditation was good this morning. I'm a couple days behind, but I haven't had a chance to do multiples in a day yet. Not worried! I'll just keep going and doing my thing until it's over! If I get a chance to do several in a day, then I will.


Whoa, Energy!

I had a LOT of energy last night while listening to The Daily Love EXTRAVAGANZA. It was refreshing to have that energy again. I ended up prepping my food for today, making quinoa and a cheesey dressing, cleaning the kitchen, and finally putting away all of the winter clothes!

The EXTRAVAGANZA lasts all week and while I am not particularly interested in ALL of the speakers, there are quite a few that I want to hear. It runs from 5-10PM my time, so that kind of takes the entire evening. Good thing it's easy to mindlessly do other things at the same time! Monday I wanted to hear them all and worked on portfolio and resume updates. Last night I actually wanted to write all evening, but also knew that with the boyfriend coming over tonight I needed to get the place in order. I'm actually really glad I listened to the entire 5 interviews because the ones I would have skipped I found more interesting than the others. Probably because I've heard from the others so many times that what they had to say wasn't anything new to me. It was good stuff!

Tonight I'll be missing most of them, which kind of stinks since I don't know any of the individuals and judging by last night will wind up loving what they say. Going to a movie. DARN you Skyfall! *shakes fist*


Eating Stuff:

As I said, LOTS of energy last night. I've been making green/red/purple/brown drinks and taking 2 small mason jars to work. This has been really awesome. I have one mid morning and then before I go home. I'm still working through the soup, so another soup and salad day (EXCITED!! I love it...). Tomorrow is a Thanksgiving feast. I'm bringing a tabbouleh (which I have to prep tonight before the movie) and imagine I'll be eating just that... Might have to bring something else for myself...


Just Keep Running...

Look at my new pretty bracelet! I like how I have bought this, but not new running shoes or cold gear yet... One thing at a time...

I'm so stoked that my toe is feeling better! I noticed yesterday that it wasn't swollen and actually looked the same size as the other one. Since having surgery on it in '09 it's actually been bigger with the scar tissue, but it looks NORMAL!

Not sure what sparked it's rapid healing in the past 2 days (perhaps the green drinks?), but I will not complain and just run with it (literally).

Off to buy some new shoes! and birthday gift card, here I come!

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