Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I Would Change About Healthcare

Day 18 #NHBPM:

Treat the cause and not the symptom.

So often I see doctors passing out medications to treat a symptom, rather than going to the root cause of it. Stomach pains? Here's a pill. A rash from that stomach pain pill? Here's another pill. Migraines from the rash pill? Have another! Before the patient knows it they're on 10 different medications! What was the original cause? Do they even know? Could it have easily been that the individual was eating something the body didn't like?

I often tie these body issues back into food because we're slowly poisoning ourselves with the processed stuff we feed it. I kept wondering why I always had sinus congestion, drainage, and phlegm. I stopped eating dairy and guess what went away? If I happen to eat dairy, I almost immediately get that buildup going on. I didn't notice until I stopped eating gluten that my joints ached and my limbs were swollen (especially the feet and ankles). If I eat it now, the next day I'm all sorts of inflamed and retaining water. Would I have gotten that answer if I went to the doctor? Probably not. At one point the sinus issue was going to get me a sinus scraping procedure. YIKES! Talk about hurt! No thanks...

Food cures all. Look to that before popping pills!


All Others:

60 minute walk today was broken into two. The boyfriend and I took a long walking route to the grocery store. It took us about 35-40 minutes to get there and then 20-25 to return home at a different route (that is literally all uphill) with grocery bags in tow. My shoulders were pretty sore by the end of it.

I don't know that I'm proud I found this because it IS processed, but I found some gluten free chocolate cake mix. It calls for eggs, but right next to that was an egg substitute that you just mix with water. The ingredients didn't LOOK bad. Guess we'll see!

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