Sunday, November 25, 2012

How My Goals Have Evolved

Day 25 #NHBPM:

How have your goals as a patient / advocate / person evolved?

At first my goals were to lose the weight and get sexy skinny! Possibly obtain a hot boyfriend as well...

They started to evolve when I started working out more and realized that I wanted health more than my skinny body and that I desired to be physically fit. This mind shift came about after family members started to pass and I realized that eating and living healthy was a much bigger deal than fitting into a perfectly packaged beauty box. Slowly I grew away from what advertising and marketing has deemed beautiful and have changed my goal to overall health and wellness.

In the past year it's gone a step further in that regard and I've changed my diet to that of a vegan and high raw and started eliminating the processed "beauty", cleaning, and other products in exchange for home made, natural ones.

It's hard to be an advocate for Weight Loss Surgery at this point when I do believe that individuals could do well on a plant-based diet, but convincing people of this when their doctors insist on high protein is nearly impossible. So, I will just advocate a High Raw Vegan lifestyle and lead by example on the rest of it!


Week 1, Day 7  0 to 13.1:

We arrived back home today and while I would like to say that I went and did my run today... I didn't. I was exhausted and honestly sat around watching various TV shows and football. I had no energy what-so-ever. I wish I had. Since Friday was the "long day" run, I figured I'd just swap the days, but alas, I did not. So, tomorrow I will be running and probably cross training as well. Double up day! These aren't so hard on my body at this stage.


Day 21, Meditation Challenge:

Totally didn't realize this was coming up on day 21! I kept thinking it was a full month like the other things. As much as I like these challenges and enjoy meditation, I would prefer less talking. I know that it's supposed to teach you something and put you in the right frame of mind, but I want more meditation time and less learning about it! Probably a good sign that I need to do these more often. :P  Until the next time! 

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