Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear health...

Day 8 NaHeBloPoMo:

Write a letter to your health...


Dear health,

I want to thank you for allowing me to get up freely and unhindered to experience the beauty and adventure that every day has to offer. Thank you for being so willing to put up with my mental, eating and fitness issues; continuing on with only slight hiccups, but subtly reminding me that I can do better. I appreciate those little hints as to what does and doesn't cooperate with my mind and body.

From here on out, let's work together, striving to connect on a permanent level. I want to better nurture you, health. In return I know that you will unconditionally give ample amounts of energy, strength, flexibility, wisdom, and radiating beauty.

Together, we can make a better person, inside and out.



Day 4 Meditation Challenge:

I was not able to get my meditation in yesterday morning and went to bed super early last night, therefore tonight I'm in for a double session! I was going to do one and started it this morning, but decided to pause and wait because I was distracted and not giving it my full attention.


Day 8 NaNoWriMo:

Oh my word am I so far behind! ...seriously behind. I don't even know if I can catch up at this point. I'm not quite sure what I need to do in order to do so! It'd take days! LOTS of writing! I bet I could do a lot of it Sunday, but that's day 11!

I figured I might be doing too much with all of these challenges plus the every day things, but I was HOPING that I could make time for writing. I just haven't been! I should go see how many words per day I'd need to write in order to catch up....


Week 3, Day 18 Eating for Energy:

We had a coworker come in from out of town and usually we wind up going out for lunch or ordering in. The first day I talked about having a gluten free, vegan pizza, which was delicious. Yesterday I had Chinese, which wasn't so delicious. It was vegan, full of veggies, but I had rice with it and it made it too heavy. Granted, I didn't eat it all and kept it for lunch today, but still.

Between that and eating some gluten free wraps with avocado, vegan cream cheese, and sprouts at home; I've noticed aching in the knees and a build up of mucous. Not pleasant. I did throw away the cream cheese. I had bought another brand that I saw at the store last night and when I got it home was thoroughly grossed out at the texture... the other one at least had cream cheese like texture! But, I realized after eating the wrap that it was all truly gross. What IS soy anyway and what is tofu (aside from soy)? I took one look at the tubs contents and kind of wanted to just get rid of everything I ate. It just reminded me of some kids cooking experiment...or Play-Do. How did I expect my body to digest that grossness!?

So, yeah...adventures in gluten free, vegan, and cooked does not always make me or my body happy. 9 times out of 10 it does the opposite.

On a future note, I set up a Girls Night towards the end of the month in which we are all bringing our favorite dishes to share. I'm bringing a massaged kale salad :)  Not sure on the dressing yet, but it will definitely be avocado based. I might also do a tabouli with hemp. Shall introduce my ladies to the fine tastes of raw vegan!


Week 3, Day 18 FitterUFitness:

Another one that has taken a back burner. I'm definitely feeling it in the back area, though I do make sure to get up and stretch while at work. I've got my organizational tools at my desk today so that I can better set aside time for this and the others that are falling behind!

I did go ahead and make a restart date for the 19th :)  Along with the running challenge!


Other Updates:

I finished up the questionnaire for the 0 to 13.1 challenge. Also printed off all of the workouts, warm-ups and cool-downs, which was a feat in itself considering many of them were online video sessions so I had to watch them to figure out what some of the exercises even were, lol. Next week I will start Week 0 and then the official 24 weeks will start on the 19th!

Last night I went home with intentions of getting stuff off my to-do list such as laundry (including getting out the winter stuff), dishes, and reconciling the credit card account (I share it with the boyfriend in order to get uber amounts of frequent flyer miles). Instead I watched Eureka and went to bed... This morning, however, I woke up with MASS amounts of energy. I did the dishes (all of them; including the produce bags that I hate washing and have left out forever), organized piles of clothes to wash, organized the winter clothes so that I can easily hang them tonight (closet is organized by every day clothes on one side and work clothes on the other and then by jackets/sweaters, pants/skirts, undershirts, tops, dresses, and THEN by might seem like a lot, but it's helpful!). Plus I got some other random cleaning out of the way and was still able to get ready and to work on time. GO ME!

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