Friday, November 30, 2012

End of a Challenge

Day 30 #NHBPM:

Well, it's the end of National Health Blog Post Month!

And in actuality, I'm doing this post a couple days after because I didn't have time when I thought about doing it and then forgot when I had time. Figures, eh?

I normally wouldn't have picked a lot of the topics for NHBPM, but I'm glad that I did do them because it made me stop and think. The prompts might not have coordinated with my particular health focus (gastric bypass and a plant-based diet), but I think I was able to substitute appropriately and still do posts that interested myself (hopefully others that read it?).

I definitely would like to do it next year, though at the same time would like to see more substitution options for prompts.

I also didn't really feel a sense of community when doing this -- I was kind of on my own. Perhaps I missed the website where this happened, but there weren't a lot of posts on the Facebook page. I think that would have been nice to connect with other people more. There was the ability to nominate someone for a health advocate award and sadly I didn't because I wasn't aware of 90% of the population blogging!


Week 2, Day 12:

I've done a great job of getting up early and getting my workouts in! Good thing, too because my evenings are booked.

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